Grading & Auction

PCGS grading annual special  from AUD$13/ea, deadline 01 Dec 2018

1,Why submit by us?

Save your money.

People cantact us, because we are dealer member of PCGSNGCPMG. Who chooses to submit by us will get some discount. We do not reply any regular grading question, you can visit the grading company website to find any information you want, or consult their stuff. All we need just a simple list your items' details(date, face value, quantity, value), through email to us. We'll with the grading fee to you ASAP. Minimum 10 items,  grading free from AUD$16 eachFor Australia collectors, 30-50 days are expected after we send out items for grading. 

2, Why entrust us with bidding on auctions?

Save your trouble.

We have more than 50 bidding accounts in the main auction companies all over the world. Our staff participates each of the live auctions. Low agency fee, low money exchange rate (you can pay by your currency) , minimum deposit 20% of bidding price, no any fee will be charged if it is lost. We can even help you bargain from auction companies or other dealers, and looking for scarce numismatics.

3, Why entrust us with selling on auctions?

Save your seller commission.

We can submit your collections to auctions, may save your seller commission up to 70%. You can contact auction companies first, then ask the commission discount from us, always work.

Email us first: or

If you'd like to proceed. You can bring (pickup) your items to :

Robin 0414552179(RBA Martin Place 2000),  Anna 0413665868 (Bexley 2207).

Any ANDA, HKINF, Petersham coin fair.

Or post to: Anna Numismatics, PO Box 95 , Peakurst NSW 2210

(Shanghai & HK address also available)